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Choosing a Care Facility, Part 2

Originally Published in the Beaverton Resource Guide, June 1, 2018

Observing how the staff interacted with the residents and how the residents responded to the staff spoke volumes. I saw caregivers sitting and talking with a resident taking care to engage in a genuine conversation. Laughter and smiles could be seen on everyone we came into contact with from the maintenance person to the med-aide I had the opportunity to meet. There were activities planned for everyone to enjoy along with a weekly cocktail hour where residents could get together and socialize. They have a picnic in the summer complete with band and barbeque, then again around Christmas they have another party. These two events allow residents to invite their close family members to come and enjoy the festivities with them, thus creating a family atmosphere. Having met all my prerequisites and seeing the interaction of the people living there we decided to move my Dad into Raleigh Hills Assisted Living. I remember the day we moved my Dad into his new apartment hoping we had made the right choice.

For three years Raleigh Hills Assisted Living has more than come through for me, I asked the facility manager Lynda what made them different from everyone else around at first she said “Luck” but I was persistent and knew it was more than just luck that brought caring people together. She finally narrowed it down to three “C’s”, Communication; communication to the staff regarding the needs of the residents and their families, Commitment; commitment to giving the best care and attention to the residents, treating them like you would your own family and finally Caring; caring about everyone, their co-workers and the residents in a very genuine way, these attributes couldn’t have been more evident as my Dad was placed in hospice care and the staff at Raleigh Hills Assisted Living was most accommodating, they worked with Hospice to insure that my Dad’s needs were met, this means that they made more well checks on him as well as sitting and talking with him when I wasn’t there. The love and attention they showed him was wonderful and I am so glad that we chose this place. He was able to spend his last days in his home, the only place he has known for the last three years instead of being moved to where he would be with strangers and not know anyone. I can only imagine how frightening that would be for someone who is confused easily. My Dad passed away surrounded by love, the love of his family as well as the love of our adoptive family at Raleigh Hills Assisted Living. I am forever grateful for the love and support my family received from Raleigh Hills Assisted Living from the first day we moved in until the last day, we were surrounded by love. Yes, we chose well!

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